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We're J and E Enterprises of Charlotte, LLC

Few corporate leaders enjoy day-to-day administrative tasks because they have other priorities. J and E Enterprises of Charlotte, LLC is available to assist you get to those priorities and reach your business goals. Whether you're trying to manage a team of two or a corporation of one-hundred, you need space and time to focus on the things that really matter — developing your business. Our CEO, Janet Butts, has spent her career helping people free up time for more urgent, corporate tasks. Now, she helps businesses like yours flourish, and offers administrative assistance coupled with leadership development programs and opportunities for you to grow your team. She represents a client base that spans from Charlotte and surrounding areas and even across the country.


That's Our Motto.

Master Your Trade

Whether growing means hiring more people or improving your product, having a little assistance goes a long way. We continue to see businesses expand and grow as we free up space and time for owners to master their trade.

"Grow" is our motto, and we want to see you do just that. We can help your team find satisfaction in the work they do each day. When you work with us, the options for growth will be limitless.

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